Resort collection 2019 - Lake impression

Lake Tekapo − the large, beautiful glacial lake situated in New Zealand − serves as a source of inspiration for Moody Tiger’s Resort 2019 collection: Lake Impression. Visited by founders Zoe Wu and Melissa Tattam, the awe-inspiring experience left a mark on the creative duo, catalysing a playful collection which translates the sublime essence of the great outdoors.

The collection’s colour story draws its key influence from the lake’s transfixing still blue waters and red-tinged rocky mountains, which rise majestically on its horizon. These rich hues pair with earthy tones of soft grey and slate green to balance out the collection in perfect harmony.

When it comes to prints, the mismatched bed of stones that sit on the bottom of the lake − easily seen through the crystal clear waters − shows up throughout the collection as geometric marble patterns, while the mesmerising Milky Way galaxy − visible in the clear night sky − has made its way onto skirts and leggings through a statement star motif.