The Fabrics We Proud of

Introducing Our High-Tech, Multi-Functional Fabrics


Made from 82% superfine nylon & 18% elastic fiber, which is generally used in lingerie, high-end sportswear and high-priced golf brands.

Feeling myself, not the fabric.

The fabric has good four-way stretch and with more than 50% of stretch ,which help our kids to run, jump, stretch and move freely without having any annoying feeling or bother.

Bye Sunscreen, I got Mycra.

Thanks to our amazing crafts, they empower Mycra with excellent sun protection meanwhile presents as light, soft, gritty, stretchable and skin-breathable as it can be. It helps our children enjoy nature and outdoor fun without feeling tight, stuffy or any other uncomfortable feelings meanwhile protecting them from UV.

It will dry out before you know it.

It dries quickly, which means you can play with your baby on the beach in the morning. And it will dry out naturally after lunch.Take a nap then you can go hiking or camping without being Interrupted by any inconvenience or bother.

Introducing Blockmax, Supplex and Nilit.