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Breezy Leggings

FIT: 25℃ - 38℃ | UPF50+ | Optimal Breathability

Breezy Leggings are designed for optimal breathability and excellent sun protection. Keep your little one cool, fresh, and dry while protecting her from UV rays all summer long.

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One Legging, Infinite Possibilities.

One Size for All Legging

The legging of diversity and versatility, designed for you and your baby girls. Ultra Stretchy, Silky & Quick Dry.

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Moody Leggings

FIT: 18℃ - 25℃
Incredible Silky-Touch
Move-with-u Stretchy

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Mild Leggings

FIT: 10℃ - 18℃
Just-Right Warm
Silky and Stretchy

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